Bed Rest Exercises During Pregnancy

Bed Rest Exercises During Pregnancy

The same analysis can be followed for any sphere or system of spheres.

Figure 21 applies it to Agni and we see the power of the placement of the Planetary Logos of Earth upon the fourth subplane of the cosmic astral the very centre of the system.

Chapter Three Microcosm

The “greater light” is that of the soul, who is light itself illuminating the manifestation of the three-fold personality. Herein lies the correspondence to the macrocosm as it is symbolized for us in God, the manifesting light of the solar system. The solar system is three in one, or one in three, and the light of the Logos illuminates the whole. The “lower light” is that which is hidden within the human being on the physical plane. This light, at a certain stage of man’s experience, is awakened throughout the physical body and blends eventually with the “greater light”. The light and life of God Himself may emanate from the central Spiritual Sun, but it is only as the light within the solar system itself is awakened and aroused that there will come that eventual blazing forth which will typify the glory of the Sun shining in its strength. Similarly, the light of the soul may emanate from the Monad, but it is only as the light within the little system (directed by the soul) is awakened and aroused that there will come the eventual shining forth of a son of God.75

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Let us follow the descent of the energy of the Second Aspect or Son principle from the cosmic planes to the physical body of man.

We begin with the Sirian energy, the cosmic Christ entering the cosmic planes via the monadic and expressing through the three-fold cosmic triad. On the fifth cosmic plane the cosmic mental this energy finds its lowest expression stimulating the love petals in the solar egoic lotus.

The energy is now carried via the synthesising planet Neptune to the cosmic astral plane. It is now stepped down through the Planetary Logoi and enters the cosmic physical plane via the monadic plane and the planet Jupiter. As Venus, the energy encompasses the planes of the triad finding its lowest expression through the solar angel and the causal body of a human being.

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