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Once this battle is won then the individual becomes more and more causally conscious. The ‘location’ of their identity (or their polarisation if you will) begins to stabilise in the causal body itself. Once the causal body shifts to the second subplane of the mental plane after the Second Initiation, the inner identity becomes more and more group conscious. Their awareness also begins to range through time and space ‘as a group’ breaking down the more individualised concept of identity that exists on the third subplane.

Once the bridge to the manasic permanent atom is made and the entity begins to work more in first subplane mental matter, then the most profound illusion of all must be faced and conquered. This is the illusion of the soul itself. This illusion exists on the mental plane even on the abstract mental plane and is due to the particular quality of ahamkara which is found on that plane. Release from this illusion is gradual and is not fully complete until the Fifth Initiation. The three manasic initiations gradually liberate from the ‘idea’ of soul. The Fifth Initiation liberates from the soul itself. From then on an initiation is not ‘an expansion of consciousness’ but a liberation from consciousness through identification with the Life principle.

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This ‘identification’ process has its lower reflection on the higher mental plane. Firstly the inner self must disidentify from the personality and identify as the soul; then the inner self must disidentify from the individual sense of soul (my purpose, my past life etc) and identify with the group soul.

After this one must disidentify from the sense of ‘group soul’ and identify with the ‘soul of humanity’. At the Third Initiation the initiate realises that Hierarchy IS the soul of humanity and he therefore begins to leave humanity and join Hierarchy in consciousness a consciousness liberated from the mental plane but still able to work there. The lesser ‘identities’ are not lost. They are merely repudiated from the point of view of the indwelling entity who is now able to work through them but remain distinct from them. The causal body begins to become an instrument through which ashramic energies can pour from the buddhic plane in exactly the same way that the heart chakra can become an instrument for the inflow of higher astral energies after the Second Initiation.

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