Beginners Yoga Poses Chart

Beginners Yoga Poses Chart

Listening to Your Body

In yoga, the breath is coordinated with movement to become a moving meditation, or vinyasa. All movement is guided by smooth and regulated inhalation, retention, exhalation, and the intention to focus the mind and energize the body with prana, or life force.

If your breath becomes choppy, rest in Child’s Pose Pose, return to your rhythmic breath, and then resume movement. All poses and sequences are labeled after the three main healing qualities of nature: energizing, grounding, and calming. Build your practice to best suit the needs of your body and mind.

Remember, this is your practice. Listen to your body and be present, conscious, aware, and mindful of what it tells you. For the sequences in this book, one pose generally flows into the next. I will guide you on how many breaths to take, but you may decide to stay longer or shorter in certain poses. This is how you develop your personal practice.

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