Best Exercise During Pregnancy

Best Exercise During Pregnancy

On all levels personality, soul and monad the principle of free will operates resulting in the cyclic opportunity to choose. When the choice that we make aligns us with the preexisting choice (outside the time/space of the limited identity) of our higher self, then the Law of Destiny operates. When the choice we make is not in alignment with the higher Will then the Law of Karma comes into play in order to adjust the working out of that destiny in time and space. These two laws are a dual expression of a higher Law which lies behind the Sirian principle of Freedom.

Karma has primarily to do with the Third or Matter Aspect and with the forces of involution. Destiny has primarily to do with the First or Spirit Aspect and the forces of evolution. They are brought into relationship through the middle principle of the soul.

The commitment required from the Agni yogi is primarily a commitment of the soul to both the inner and outer realities. This translates karma into dharma as a result of the process of transfiguration. Let me make this clearer.

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When the personality makes a commitment to achieve a certain outcome in time and space no matter what, it is likely to experience tension to the extent that its commitment may be contrary to the will of the soul and/or of the monad. While it may be possible to use the personal will to create short-term outcomes that are out of alignment with the higher Will, in the longer term they require the assertion of more and more personal will and are eventually doomed to failure. Through the success and failures of its capacity to carry through on that commitment the personality learns to respond to the will of the soul, align with it and gradually through a process of disidentification to realise that it is in fact the soul itself.

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