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Turn Your Home İnto Your Very Own Spin Studio Using The Next Generation of Training Devices

There’s good reason why Spinning’s one of the UK’s favourite exercise classes. Mixing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with thumping music, motivational instructors and an energetic group atmosphere, you can expect to burn 300 to 600 calories during a 45-minute pedalling session and, because it’s low impact, it’s suitable for all fitness levels. Little wonder then it’s been hailed ‘the optimal cardio workout’ by researchers from Penn State University. Exciting new cycle studios are keepin London boutique gym chain iRebel (, for example, has just opened the world’s first Spin amphitheatre in its complete with a 3D sound and laser system, plus live music from house musicians. Can’t get to the gym? You can now take your home workouts up a gear (or 10), too… things interesting 1 s tirst bp – Victoria location, Turn your home into your very own Spin studio using the next generation of training devices The US fitness sensation, Peloton ( – adored by millions, including A-listers such as David Beckham and Kate Hudson – has just brought its bikes and immersive, live and on-demand boutique-style Spin classes to Britain.

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To enjoy the technology, which beams out 14 daily live classes and over 10,000 on-demand sessions to the comfort and convenience of your own home, you need to buy your own state-of-the-art Peloton bike equipped with a 22-inch HD touchscreen, stereo speakers, microphone and camera for £1,995, and pay £39.50 per month to get your unlimited class subscription, which includes ‘beyond the ride’ workouts such as stretching and yoga. Referred to as the ‘Apple of fitness’, Peloton provides a roster of elite instructors offering real-time motivation to riders through the interactive, socially connected experience – think live shout outs for milestone rides and birthdays, and inspiring coaching and tips on form – and riders are also motivated through the bike’s performance-tracking metrics and a real-time leaderboard. Watch out tor Peloton’s new London-based cycling studio coming in 2019, to gain access to top British instructors too.

If you already have a road bike for commuting – or you’re serious about improving your road racing – the new hi-tech MYCYCLING turbo trainer from TechnoGym (£1,590; helps you train at home to transform your outdoor performance by improving your fitness and technique. By simply removing your back wheel and attaching your bike to the turbo trainer’s lightweight 18kg frame, you’ll experience optimum pedalling resistance and stability, to recreate road conditions. Developed with and used by cycling professionals for warm-ups and targeted training for events such as the Tour de France, the trainer comes with built-in smart technology linked to the MYCYCLING app, so you get access to professional coaches for training advice and support, feedback on the circularity and symmetry of your pedalling style, customised and on-demand two- to six-week training programmes, and simulation of some of the greatest outdoor cycling climbs such as Stelvio Pass. MYCYCLING also integrates with the Strava app so you can import routes to ride them indoors, and the Zwift app to allow you to train virtually with friends. ss3aEaÜ3SiSaİJfc’ Want to feel like you’re on the road? The Bkool Smart Bike (£1,200, inc. three months’ Premium subscription to the Bkool Simulator app; could be for you. Via the bike’s downloadable app, you can access over 100 Spin classes led by top instructors; enjoy the adrenaline rush of unlimited real-life routes, from France’s Alpe d’Huez to Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail; and even try your hand at velodrome sessions, all in 3D while connected in real time to other cyclists across the globe. You’ll also experience automatic resistance to match the workout or route you’re following on your phone, tablet, or TV screen, so you don’t have to change gears. Five- and 20-minute Functional Threshold Power fitness tests help create your resistance settings, then, as your fitness increases, so does the bike’s resistance.

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