Best Full Body Home Exercise Machine

Best Full Body Home Exercise Machine

Physical fitness assessment tests as described are essential to determining your goals. They help you decide which types of exercise you should emphasize, and they help you understand the relative difficulty of attaining specific goals. If you have health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, or serious joint or muscle disabilities, see your physician before taking assessment tests. Measure your progress by taking these tests about every three months.

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2. Select Activities

If you have already chosen activities and created separate program plans for different fitness components in Chapters 3-5, fitness program to work toward the following goals: Specific or short-term goals

Improving cardiorespiratory fitness by raising my V O2max from 34 to 37 ml/kg/min Improving upper body muscular strength and endurance rating from fair to good Improving body composition (from 28% to 25% body fat)

Improving my tennis game (hitting 20 playable shots in a row against the ball machine)

General or long-term goals

Developing a more positive attitude about myself Improving the fit of my clothes

Building and maintaining bone mass to reduce my risk of osteoporosis Increasing my life expectancy and reducing my risk for diabetes and heart disease

List your target heart rate range or an RPE value if appropriate.

My program will begin on S e pt. 21 My program includes the following schedule of mini-goals. For each step in my program, I will give myself the reward listed.

My program will include the addition of physical activity to my daily routine (such as climbing stairs or walking to class):

Walking to and from campus job Taking the stairs to dorm room instead of elevator Bicycling to the library instead of driving Doing one active chore a day

E. I will use the following tools to monitor my program and my progress toward my goals:

I’ll use a chart that lists the number of laps and minutes I swim and the charts for strength and flexibility from Labs 4.3 & 5.2.

I sign this contract as an indication of my personal commitment to reach my goal.

I have recruited a helper who will witness my contract and swim with me three days per week

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