Best Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure

Best Yoga Poses For High Blood Pressure

Lung & Large Intestine In Balance

– Rarely affected by colds and flues

– Wakes early

– Have regular and healthy bowel movements (not too loose or dry)

– Able to let go of the past and grudges

– Prefers structure and organization

– Quality in work, refinement

– Integrity is very important

– Can access and enjoys the ‘present moment’

– Breathes efficiently, deeply and smoothly

– Is affected by grief and sadness but is able to be with it and accept its presence.

– Powerful and pleasant voice

– Healthy skin

Lung & Large Intestine Out O f balance

– Anxiety, shallow breathing, panic attacks

– Self doubt, loss of spiritual connection

– Difficult to relax into the present moment

– Gets cold and flu’s easily

– Very dry or loose, wet stools

– Ongoing constipation

– Structure turns into rigidity and stiffness

– Repressed emotions – especially grief, sadness, bitterness, regret

– Unable to let go

– Hoards too much stuff, doesn’t throw anything out- attachment to stuff, cant let go

– A tendency to be addicted to smoking

– Skin rashes, skin problems, boils, dry skin etc.

– Sinus problems

– Difficult to breath through nose

– Repertory conditions like asthma

– Easy to fatigue

– Sweating (other organs can also involved)

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