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More than anything, we need love, understanding, and respect, which to a certain extent we can provide for ourselves if we so choose.Bharadvaja’s I Twist But, cliched as it may sound, no one is an island. Though it is always a good idea to begin with what we have some control over in life, rather than those things outside of ourselves that we have little to no control over anyway, our end goal should be uniting with others, as this leads us back to creation. For individuals cannot survive alone. It is only in relationships that individuals can fulfill their potential and truly be themselves. A true community must not only be inclusive and provide comfort to those who choose to enter it; those in it must feel it.Bharadvaja’s I Twist As people choose to change, that which is outside of their own community is a major influence on their individual decisions. When I think of the word community, I think of the word commune, which means to experience heightened receptivity.

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