Bharadvajasana I Twist Pose Yoga

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But, when our breath becomes static, so do we.Bharadvajasana I Twist Pose Yoga And it is often only out of sheer necessity that we may be forced to sigh or gasp to get back into the rhythm of the breath. One of the goals of yoga is the fluidity of mind, body, and spirit.

Bharadvajasana I Twist Pose Yoga The breath is inherently fluid. We are all accustomed to what is called voluntary respiration. This is what we are doing throughout most of the day with hardly a thought. And while breathing correctly or with focus may seem quite simple or easy, when you harness your awareness to the breath, you quickly realize that it is more challenging than first anticipated.

Pranayama is a complex practice of breathing techniques that involve exercises that have the potential to noticeably affect not only the physical, physiological, and neural energies, but also the psychological and cerebral activities, such as memory and creativity.

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