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This is where symbolic value enters and become significant. As a magnetic field is defined by magnetism, and as an electrical field is constituted by electricity, in similar ways the cultural field of yoga is configured by symbolic-value. A field shapes and configure its objects. The objects in a yoga field are for instance yoga notions and yoga practices. As magnetism configures pieces of metal, so will symbolic-value configure the theoria and praxis of yoga.

The symbolic-value generation within the yoga field is accordingly about associating the yoga objects (i.e. new signs) – created and categorised within the field – with cultural things (i.e. established signs) in the surrounding society, so that these yoga objects become distinct, different, valuable and powerful. This is by definition the creation of symbolic-value. It is not an automatic process but is highly contentious and erupts in unending conflicts. The struggle is basically about the right to define shared perceptions and values.

This posture also relieves sciatic and arthritic pains, and helps digestion.Bhekasana Pose Yoga Breathing is as essential to yoga as it is to living. In fact, pranayama is integral to every one of the paths of yoga, as breath control is an important factor in the control of the mind as well.Bhekasana Pose Yoga Prana means breath/’ respiration/’ life-force/’ vitality/’ energy/’ or strength, and ayama means stretch, extension/’ expansion, regulation, prolongation/’ restraint, or control. Together, they refer to the prolongation of breath and its restraint. More specifically, prana refers to the air and life itself. In almost every yoga class that I have ever been to, the teacher is constantly reminding her students to breathe throughout that practice. It may seem like a funny thing to forget, impossible even, but most of us do in fact tend to hold our breath frequently throughout our daily lives, without even noticing.


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