Bhujan Asana

Bhujan Asana

• Lie on stomach, legs straight, feet together, soles upward, forehead on floor.

• Place palms below and to side of the shoulders, elbows tucked in close to the body.

• Inhale, slowly raise head and upper body, keeping navel on the floor, elbows bent as shown.

• Hold, breathing normally.

• Exhale as you slowly come down to start position.

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You may think that drinking coffee and meditating are about as similar as boot camp and yoga. Think again: there are places where they can cross over.

Meditation is meant to shine light on a deep feeling of inner awareness. It is meant to make you more engaged with the world, not less. Coffee, when used moderately, does the same thing. It helps open your eyes a little more, and if used consciously, can bring you into a more flexible and open mindset.

The next time you have the pleasure of a cup of coffee in your hands, don’t chug it back and get on with your day.

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