Bhujapidasana for Beginners

Bhujapidasana for Beginners

Bhujapidasana is a test of balance, flexibility and strength. Doing the full pose is a challenge for the beginner, but there is a variation that can help you to achieve the pose more easily in order to practice it and develop the strength, balance and flexibility that will later allow you to achieve the full pose.

Start in a squatt’ng position with your knees completely bent and your hands on the floor in front of you, bearing your full weight. Next, reach between your legs with your right arm to place your right hand underneath the heel of your right foot. You will need to straighten your legs a little to do this. Do the same with your left hand and foot. As you do this, your right knee should be over your right shoulder and your left knee should be over your left shoulder.

Make sure that your hands are flat on the floor with the fingers spread and facing forward. Next, bend your arms as you lower your hips so that your arms are now able to hold your legs. Now, keeping your feet on the floor, shuffle them over to each other and cross one over the other. The aim now is to press into your hands in order to lift your feet off the floor and achieve the balance.

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This will take practice and the more you practice it, the better you will be able to maintain your balance. As you gain your balance you can point your toes and bend your arms, leaning forward slightly. If you over balance you can place your toes on the mat to steady yourself; you can also place the top of your head on the mat if you have overbalanced by quite a lot.

To exit this pose, release your feet from each other, lean over to the right hand side and release your left leg. Move your left foot around so that your left leg is now effectively kneeling on your upper arm. Do the same with your right leg and once you have both legs kneeling on your arms, send your feet back with a jump to the other end of the mat, so that your weight is now on your toes as well as your hands and you are in a plank position. Exhale as you lower the plank to just off the floor.

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