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One of the reasons I find Lasch interesting so many years later is that I find that he does not distinguish as people often do between the individual self and social processes. Traditionally we tend to perceive human beings as individual agents or selves separated from social process. Instead of understanding the self as a closed box, a single unit or an independent agent, Lasch’s notion of the self follows contemporary social scholars who -like the Buddhists – see the self as an open field, an ecological habitat permeated by its social matrix. When individual and social processes flow into each other it does however not mean they become one.

Firm your abdominal muscles and lift your spine up from the Big Toe Pose Yoga core of the pelvis. Pull on the belt to connect your arms into the shoulders and Big Toe Pose Yoga to prepare to bend forward. Prepare yourself for an extreme stretch as you inhale deeply. Exhale, bend forward, and pull on the belt or reach to catch your feet. Extend forward evenly on the sides, front, and back of your torso. Rest your head on the blanket or your legs and stay in the pose for a minute or so, breathing smoothly. 1Soften your neck, shoulders, and upper back, but activate your quadriceps, pressing the backs of your knees down. 1Attend to an inner stillness as you breathe smoothly.

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