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Just add fat and/or sugar to real foods (this often happens in preparation) or take any naturally high fat, or sweet foods and you’ll have some borderlines. These foods offer some quality nutrients but also contain a lot of calories that have relatively little nutritional value. For example, the nutritional value of the beef in regular hamburger is pretty good on the protein side, but its high saturated fat content compromises its quality. Borderlines have their appeal mainly in taste satisfaction and are terribly attractive to overly hungry people, which seem to be most Americans and certainly all dieters. Unfortunately for America, borderline foods have found their way to virtually all restaurants as standard fare. Think French fries, American fries, curly fries. One would think a meal just wasn’t a meal without fries to accompany it! It’s possible to quickly turn a perfectly good real-food meal into a borderline. Just deep fry it or dip it in chocolate. The Minnesota State Fair actually boasts “deep fried ice cream” as one of its popular offerings.

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Some cultural foods are borderlines that people get used to eating because of their ethnic or cultural background. This might make avoiding them quite difficult, but it can be done with commitment and effort. Occasional borderline foods in the diet usually don’t derail the person determined to get off the feast or famine cycle and lose weight, but if they do, they have to go.

BORDERLINE FOOD LIST: Here Are the Types of Foods to Avoid

muffins, waffles, pancakes, French toast

deep-fried anything, fried anything

potato chips, nacho chips, any fried snack chips

French fries, curly fries, ranch fries, crazy fries—you get the picture

dumplings, stuffing

restaurant gravies, sauces, etc.

fast foods except those on the real foods list

bacon, sausage, processed meats (salami, bologna)

pudding, custard

presweetened cereals; high sugar, corn syrup sweetened cereals pizza with heavy cheese and/or meats (sausage, pepperoni, hamburger) flavored milk hot chocolate.

Biggest Weight Loss Tips BORDERLINE FOOD Photo Gallery

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