Bikram Hot Yoga Poses

Bikram Hot Yoga Poses

Are you working in an office environment and sometimes someone goes out and gets some cakes? You all gather round and there is a warm communal and team spirited feeling. Great isn’t it?

What if you brought in these cakes? Wouldn’t people see that you had gone that little bit further to make things special? It would be memorable and this feeling would be associated with you.

You will be remembered and associated with this fantastic time. You will be giving out signals that you are prepared to go that step further than just taking your turn with the cakes.

While I am not advocating a sycophantic attitude at work, consider how you can put that extra sparkle into everyday events, making the everyday memorable.

Also the other thought that occurred to me is that the person who has made these cakes, has also gone that extra mile to make a work of arts of sorts. They are obviously endeavouring to make their cakes more appealing. But they have incorporated two things: tasty cakes (presumably!) and a fun attractive product.

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