Bikram Yoga Camel Pose

Bikram Yoga Camel Pose

However we admire this picture as this man is doing something positive. There are not that many people out there on the local steps pounding out the exercise regime like him. Therefore he is likely to be fitter than his contemporaries and better equipped physically and mentally to achieve in his working life, one of the great benefits of regular physical exercise.

It is worth also considering from the photo that there are not that many people out there on the extra mile that divides successful people from the rest. Are you prepared to be there on the extra mile to succeed in your career?

I found myself smiling at this picture and that is a good feeling. As usual there are some points to learn here, one of which is in the title of this blog post.

How often have you had an idea to do something and then someone else comes up with it fairly shortly afterwards? You really need to act on your ideas before someone else “steals” them. There are so many stories throughout history of this and I am sure in your own life too?

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I can remember my parents talking about taking my old grandfather Pop to his old college in Framlingham in Suffolk together with my Nan. I remember them discussing it for a few weeks and they would speak with Pop about it. However they never got round to speaking with him about it, it was all talk together and no action.

By the time they did get round to asking him it turned out that my Aunt (my Dad’s sister) and Uncle had already taken Pop to his old college the week before.

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