Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram Yoga Poses

Spring is that time of year when new energy, new life and new dreams blossom As we move out of the colder and more introverted months of winter, we move into the welcome light and warmth of spring. There is freshness and a sense of optimism in the atmosphere as the energy of the sunlight feeds our bodies, our minds and inspires our spirits. The season of spring is associated with the

Wood element and is connected to the organs and meridians of the liver and gallbladder. Wood represents new life, rapid growth, flexibility, adaptability and the color green. The liver and the gallbladder are very influential organs as they are largely involved in the process of detoxification, purification, digestion and the energy of expansion and movement. The liver and gallbladder however are easily agitated and this can impact digestion, detoxification, trigger anger and frustration and mild states of depression.

The most common causes of liver and gallbladder energy imbalances are Qi stagnation and an excess of fire in the liver. Qi stagnation is that feeling when you feel stuck in life, of feeling trapped, or that feeling like life just doesn’t seem to be flowing very well. It is most often caused by lack of physical body movement such as extended periods of driving cars, sitting at desks or sitting on the couch and generally not moving much. It can also come about when we don’t take action on our dreams and visions, opting instead to put up with the daily grind of a boring or unfulfilling job because it appears to be a safe bet.

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Excess of liver fire is largely caused by an excess consumption of hot and toxic foods such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, red meat, pharmaceuticals, oily and sugary foods. Any suppressed and oppressed anger also tends to come up a lot during spring. Fortunately, liver and gallbladder imbalances tend to be easy to treat and balance when discovered early. With adjustments in diet, more movement incorporated into one’s lifestyle and the letting go of suppressed anger, the liver and gallbladder energy can be effectively cooled and tamed.

Spring is the when yang energy starts expanding and growing and this is why it feels natural to be more upbeat and energized in spring. It’s a great time of year to ride the wave of this yang energy by getting up early, engaging in more movement activities like walking or yoga (especially in the mornings) and launching ourselves into new projects.

Spring is the time to feel energized, refreshed, expansive, adaptable, flexible, creative and ready for new opportunities. It’s time to launch that business idea you’ve been planning and thinking about for so long. It’s time to start that new exercise class or enroll in that course you’ve always wanted to take. Spring is one of the best times of year to grow and expand into your higher self.

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