Bikram Yoga Poses Chart Printable

Bikram Yoga Poses Chart Printable

However once I realised that other people’s opinions did not matter I was pretty much happy to go to new events. If there is a work event now I generally go, if I don’t go it is because I have something better to do!

It was just a case of getting some new information, working with it and getting it into my mind then completely changing my attitude.

Another roadblock in our lives is the fear of actually starting something. How many times have you thought of something then not acted on it? We all do this, I know.

However I have found that there is one key action that you can take and that is to TAKE ACTION NOW.

Simple of course but as you think of something take an action towards its completion. This may mean a phone call, writing yourself a note, writing a list or sending an email. Even if it is a small action, take it now.

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