Bikram Yoga Poses Poster

Bikram Yoga Poses Poster

Stomach function (Western Medicine)

– Receives food from the esophagus

– Stomach secretes acids and enzymes to aid digestion

– Muscles (rugae) line the stomach and contract periodically to churn the food

– A valve called the pyloric sphincter opens to release the churned up food into the small intestine for the next stage of digestion

Spleen Function (Western Medicine)

– Involved in supporting many other organs in the body

– Acts primarily as a filter of blood which supports the immune system

– Replaces blood cells, platelets and stores white blood cells Pancreas Function (Western Medicine)

– Has two primary functions: a digestive gland and an endocrine gland.

– Produces and secretes important enzymes into the small intestine for digestion

– Produces and secretes hormones insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream to regulate blood glucose levels

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