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Each time I have chanted, I have gained a better command of the sounds, but it was studying the Sanskrit language at a retreat that really helped me to make the connection between the origins and vowel sounds.Bird of Paradise Pose Yoga Chanting can be done alone or in a group, but in a group the power of the effect is amplified.Bird of Paradise Pose Yoga Keep in mind that the sounds themselves and the words from which they come are most Mudras Dana-mudra the gesture of giving; this gesture is made by extending the right arm over the right knee, with the right palm facing outward. Abhaya-mudra the gesture of fearlessness; this gesture, which symbolically dispels fear in others, is made by raising the right hand to the level of the heart and with the palm of the hand turned outward with all of the fingers extending upward.

Dharma-chakra-mudra the gesture of the Wheel of the Law; this gesture is executed differently according to various traditions. Dhyana-mudra the meditation gesture; this is done by resting both hands in the lap, palms up, with the right hand on top of the left. important. It can be scary to chant or speak words that are unfamiliar, so it is important to have some understanding of what is being said.

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