Bound Angle Pose Yoga

Bound Angle Pose Yoga

Wood Organ Physiology

Let’s have a look at these organs function from both a western medical perspective and an Oriental medical perspective.

Liver function (Western Medicine)

– The production of bile for the digestion of food and in particular for the digestion of fats

– The production of amino acids (proteins)

– The production of cholesterol and special proteins to assist in the transport of fats around the body.

– The conversion and storing of extra glucose in the form of glycogen that is then converted back into glucose when the body requires more energy.

– The storing and processing of iron for red blood cell production

– The Clearing and cleaning of drugs and toxic substances in the blood

– Removes infectious bacteria from the bloodstream

– Regulates and manages and produces blood clotting factors

– The metabolization of medications into active ingredients Gallbladder Function (Western Medicine)

– Stores bile (a dark green to yellowish fluid that aids in the digestion of fats that is produced in the liver)

– Secretes bile into the small intestine to aid in digestion and aids in neutralizing acids produced by the stomach

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