Bound Angle Yoga Pose

Bound Angle Yoga Pose

When I was at school and I got my ear tweaked (literally I am sad to say) or figuratively when I was told I did something wrong, I generally reacted to this “advice”. Generally negatively and I saw life as a battle. Thankfully most schools now have moved on and physical punishment is no longer the norm. Also as you get into the adult world it is unlikely that physical abuse will be encountered.

However, sometimes in life we are criticised and that criticism can come to us in a package that we do not like. There are three things to remember:

React and Respond

We have been over this many times before. It is important that you respond to the criticism and not react.

So for example if you prepare a piece of work that you have spent considerable time on and give it to someone. Then that someone tells you that it is going in the wrong direction and frankly it is not very good.

Having spent so much time on it, you could immediately react in an aggressive manner, defending your piece of work. This may just result in an argument with too much emotion in the air.

Much better to respond. Take a few breaths and consider your position. Then with some time you will hopefully see a clearer way forward.

You may then appreciate that the person has just made a bold, sweeping statement and not explained themselves clearly. You can then see the next step forward, by saying something like “What exactly do you consider is wrong with my work? Is it the style? Are there facts that are incorrect?” etc.

Fish for information, the other person will then give you constructive criticism that is what you are looking for.

You can then make a silk purse out of a tweaked ear.

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