Bow And Arrow Yoga Pose

Bow And Arrow Yoga Pose


Evening classes at yoga studios are the busiest, filled with people wanting to shake off the day and decompress to prepare for a restful evening. These practices include more soothing movement for the nervous system, standing poses that are held longer, and forward bends to ground the restless mind. Meanwhile, inversions reverse the flow of energy, and restorative poses, calming breathing practices, and a long final relaxation all allow you to let go of the day.


TIME: 15 to 20 minutes QUALITY: Grounding and calming

Enjoy this blissful bedtime routine. Like a soothing soak, it will dissolve tension from your body and mind for a restful sleep.

1 Simple Supine Belly Breath Pose

2 Supine Twist Pose

3 Supine One-Leg Stretch Pose

4 Child’s Pose Pose

5 Cat-Cow Pose

6 Knees, Chest, Chin Pose

7 Baby Cobra Pose

8 Downward-Facing Dog Pose

9 Lizard Lunge Pose, right side then left side

10 Standing Forward Bend Pose

11 Mountain Pose

12 Triangle Pose

Bow And Arrow Yoga Pose Photo Gallery

13 Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose

14 Garland Pose

15 Downward-Facing Dog

16 Locust Pose

17 Seated Pigeon Pose

18 Sage Twist Pose

19 One-Leg Side Stretch Pose

20 Straddle Forward Bend

21 Goddess Pose

22 Legs Up the Wall Pose

23 Buddha’s Peaceful Abiding Meditation Pose

24 Deep Relaxation Pose

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