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In this post-modern (Wikipedia link) and narcissistic consumer culture these two forms of modernist colonial yoga is becoming more and more specialised: as a psychological therapy, as a weight loss programme, as a repair tool for run down body parts, as anti stress treatment, as performance improvement, as a mental power booster, as a cure for neurological diseases, as a preventive treatment cutting down costs of maintaining old people. This is the yoga discourse of medical/therapeutic fragmentation – so typical of modernism. Yoga here signifies a specialised tool for identity/self build up, power and survival. Post-modern institutionalised existence is a tough competitive life constantly running us down. Here yoga -accumulating body capital – will help us to get to the top and stay there. It will energise us, make us appear energetic.

Because of yoga we can adapt and build-up our required images for success: the symbolic capital of owning youth, health, recognition and power. Yoga in other words symbolises a skill, which can generate these modern forms of symbolic capital. By linking the yoga-skills to symbolic capital these skills have themselves received symbolic value. Let me expand on this important point.

Taking a deep breath is one good way to feel this Bridge Pose Yogaaction, which readies you for what is to come. Move the top of the throat Bridge Pose Yogback, raising the tone of the anterior muscles of the neck Bridge Pose Yoga. This is especially important for thrusters. Moulder Loop The shoulder blades pull toward each other Bridge Pose Yoga. This tone in the upper back prevents the upper spine from collapsing, and retracts your upper arms. Slide the shoulder blades slightly down the back, without losing the lift that you created as you took the deep breath for Inner Body Bright. The Shoulder Loop also includes a lift of the chin, tilting the tops of the ears slightly back. This part of Shoulder Loop is important for tuckers because it reestablishes the natural lordotic curve of the cervical spine.

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