Camel Yoga Pose

Camel Yoga Pose

Only Information

The form of the criticism may not be acceptable either. Maybe someone starts shouting at you, or shows their frustration.

You need to remain calm. Slow your breath down. Remain quiet, then quietly and calmly say something. Tell the person that you appreciate their feedback and you will relook at the specific points.

If the person still seems to shout and personally criticise. Again, in a calm and quiet voice, state that you appreciate the advice and you will attend to it.

Keep this up until the other person realises that you are not going to rise to the “bait” and shout back. The other person will eventually lose the need for anger and respond at your calm level.

You have to bear in mind when someone shouts at you that you are seeking information. This may be loud, angry and maybe not in a package that you like. However, by remaining calm and considered you can get the information that you need.

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