Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy Exercise

Carpal Tunnel During Pregnancy Exercise

Remember it is the gap between what a soul has taken responsibility for and what the soul with its personality is capable of which creates the field of tension. This spiritual tension, correctly handled, is an initiatory science. A soul under tension ‘sounds’ a particular note both in the inner worlds and in the outer. His note in the outer will be coloured by his personality. The soul may have the inner capacity and yet the outer personality may not be integrated or fused enough to carry this capacity through in the outer world. Alternatively the personality may be well developed and yet the soul may not have the capacity to carry the necessary spiritual energy. The harmonising of these two notes which are in reality the same note is the work required of the disciple.

In our example of the First Ray soul taking inner responsibility for the national life, his inner note begins to sound more clearly as a result of his achieved point of tension and he becomes aware of his inner affiliations. He draws into his field of consciousness those souls to whom he is connected both in the inner and outer. He begins the horizontal integration process with others who share a similar destiny.

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He also draws to himself those contacts which require a vertical integration: Those souls who have taken a higher level of responsibility and so seek to work through him, and those who have accepted lesser levels of responsibility and who he must assist and thereby serve the greater whole by ‘working through’. This capacity to work through and to be worked through has to do with ‘inspiration’, the breathing in of the Life principle. What is in reality passing through the soul is a current of power which has its source ultimately in Shamballa.

As the soul-personality learns to work with invocation and evocation it has to make adjustments and grow in wisdom. It must overcome the glamours and illusions inherent in transitioning an inner responsibility into outer action. As a general rule, First Ray souls tend to over-estimate themselves due to the dynamic inflow of the energy of Power. In order to utilise this Power effectively however they must learn to overcome the tendency to isolate and then integrate themselves more fully into their group, in particular with the horizontal relationships. They can tend to take on more than they are capable of achieving and must then accept help or face failure.

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