Cat And Cow Yoga Pose

Cat And Cow Yoga Pose

Supporting the Other Elements to Assist the Earth Element

As outlined in the 5 elements chapter, if we want to balance out the Earth element, we also need to take into consideration the elements that feed the Earth element. This is especially the case if any illness or disease becomes present around the stomach or spleen. The elements that nourish and support the Earth element are the Fire element (Shen cycle) and the Wood element (Ko cycle).

Fire Element Nourishment

– Add a little chili and spice in your foods to generate more heat in your belly.

– Dream big. Find inspiration. Have fun.

– Arrange inspirational meetings around midday.

– Connect with others who inspire and motivate you.

– Practice meditation to calm the mind and nurture the heart.

Wood Element Stimulation and Harmonization

– Wood element likes to move so keep the body moving to avoid stagnation. Going for a walk can often be enough.

– Reduce or avoid alcohol, coffee, BBQ’d foods and smoking.

– De-clutter your environment and remove the non-essentials.

– Launch into new projects.

– Get to bed before 11pm and wake early.

– Drink lemon water on rising.

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