Choose the Right People

Success is heavily influenced by the people you surround yourself with. Seek out the people. They are out there but perhaps not where you’re looking. I’ve known some truly brilliant people who surrounded themselves with the uninspired, unintelligent, or those who lacked the emotional maturity to take action or take ownership for their own lives and identities.

There’s an old saying that the path to wisdom is ensuring that you’re always the least intelligent person in the room If you want to succeed and if you want to push yourself to become a richer and more robust person, choose who you surround yourself with carefully.

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Don’t just look at how intelligent, or successful the people around you are. Look at what type of people they are. You will mirror them and if they lack empathy, humanity, or integrity, they have every bit the negative impact on who you are and who you become as people who are uninspired or unmotivated. Finding the people you want to surround yourself with is no easy task. It often requires revisiting our daily routine, where we go, what we are involved with, and the people we meet as a result.

Chase Stimulation

I am a stimulation junkie. I don’t mean this in the sense of drugs something I’ve always avoided completely as I view my mind as something not to be toyed with idly. I mean it in the sense that with travel as a passion and as someone who is extremely curious, I find myself perpetually seeking new experiences and sources of stimulation.

From flavorful foods to new cultures, to history, to architecture, or even social interactions I am restless. This is something I love about myself and something that I constantly seek to nurture.

However, it is also something that I’ve recently realized I have to be aware of.

Why? Because while it opens up doors and is part of what gives me the energy to pursue and explore the things I do, it can also distract me from taking a deeper or more prolonged dive into experiences. In short, the pursuit of new stimuli is deeply important, rewarding, and healthy but must be tempered by a connection to follow through and a head-nod to practical factors and considerations.

It’s all well and good to chase the next adventure with a new dragon to find and slay. But, from time to time, we must also pause and make sure we take the time to actually complete that quest, to slay the dragon, and then to properly relish the adventure we’ve just undertaken.

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