Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

Main benefit – Provides a gentle back bend which promotes the lower back arch.

1. Start by lying on your belly on the mat.

2. Bring your hands just underneath your shoulders.

3. Raise your chest, head and hands off the floor while looking forward. Get a sense of drawing your shoulder blades together on your back, squeezing your elbows toward each other. This process activates all the back muscles.

4. Place your hands back on the mat and start to raise yourself a little higher into a back bend using your hands. Be careful, listen to your back! Don’t worry so much about if your arms are straight or not, it’s not important, your back is most important.

5. Only stay up for a breath and then come back down onto your belly.

6. This pose is good to repeat throughout the class.

7. At the beginning of a class or routine only come up a little, when your body is warmed up, then you can go a bit higher.

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