Cobra Pose In Yoga

Cobra Pose In Yoga

Once you have got some momentum working towards a goal then you really do need to stick with it and keep on working on through. A big difference between an achiever and an also ran is their persistence and stick to it attitude that sees them through to the finish. The non-achievers are the ones who are sitting in the stands watching other people’s lives. And you are not one of them!

When you start on the journey towards reaching a goal, then you will meet some obstacles. Not dead ends, but challenges to be accepted that need to be overcome so that you can reach the end of your journey and achieve.

Sometimes the road is a little tough, but not as tough as you think. Consider some of your heroes and what they had to go through to achieve their dreams in life. Consider some of the following people and the disabilities they had to overcome:

• Stevie Wonder – a blind man who became a pop music superstar

• Lance Armstrong – a man who got off of his deathbed, beat cancer and won seven Tour de France titles (Post post note – found to be a drugs cheat that rather overshadows his fight back from cancer, says the master of understatement)

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• Jack Ashley MP – a man who became deaf but that did not stop him becoming a Member of Parliament and helping others with disabilities.

When you consider these people and their overcoming of their difficulties, what do your difficulties seem like now? Not so much huh? So why give up? If these people can do it, so can you.

Think of NASA and the pursuit of putting a man on the moon. Some people in the NASA programme made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so that others could achieve the dream of President Kennedy. Did some technical disasters and casualties stop them? You bet your life it didn’t.

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