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The half spinal twist and spinal twist posture tone and offer relief to spinal nerves, while massaging the muscles of the spine, both deep and superficial.Compass Pose Yoga Ardha matsyendrasana helps keep the spine elastic. It also helps massage the abdominal organs, stimulate the pancreas, liver, spleen, kidneys, stomach, and colon. By acting as a tonic for the liver and gastrointestinal tract, this deep twist plays a role in metabolizing and excreting excess hormones, as stated by Yoga Journal in October 2001. Regular practice of this posture aids digestion and realigns the vertebral column. Traditionally, it is said to increase the appetite, destroy deadly diseases, and awaken kundalini.Compass Pose Yoga It is very important, however, to be patient when practicing this asana, as accuracy in alignment is vital. Kukkutasana cock pose In Sanskrit, Kukkuta means cock or fowL With the legs in padmasana and the hands pushed down through the space between the thigh and the calf, this posture strengthens the wrists and the abdomen

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