Complete List Of Yoga Poses

Complete List Of Yoga Poses

The Metal Element Meridians

Autumn is directly associated with the Lung and Large Intestine organs and meridians, so let’s have a look at these meridians and where they travel around the body.

Lung Meridian

The lung channel begins deep inside the body around the solar plexus area and then moves downwards to meet the large intestine. It then moves upwards through the lungs and into the windpipe. It then divides and moves out towards the arm where it surfaces just under the collarbone. From here it passes over the shoulder and down the front aspect of the arm. It passes just on the outside of the biceps tendon at the elbow crease and continues down the forearm to the wrist. At the base of the thumb it then travels over the thumb muscle to finish at the corner of the thumbnail.

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Large Intestine

The large intestine meridian begins on the outer edge of the index finger. It then travels along the finger, running up towards the wrist and then up the outside edge of the forearm. It then continues to the outside edge of the elbow crease, which is visible when the arm is bent. Then it travels up the outside edge of the upper arm and across the top of the shoulder and across the top of the shoulder blade. It then descends internally to connect with the lungs and large intestine. A branch continues to travel upwards over the shoulder muscles to the front area of the neck to the cheek and then over the top of the lip. It finishes beside the opposite nostril where it links with the stomach channel.

Muscles Associated with the Lungs

The following are the muscles that are associated with the lung organ and meridian.

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