Cool Down Yoga Poses

Cool Down Yoga Poses

For example, instead of coming home from work and asking myself the question “what shall I do tonight?” or “what shall I do first?” I deliberately started to ask myself better quality questions.

So, I changed to questions such as “What can I do right now to change this situation?” and this miraculously seemed to change what I achieved in an evening at home.

With the first set of questions, I would end up on the sofa, eating too much and watching banal TV and the evening would be wasted. I had not started out tired but after a few hours of this I was dog tired and had to go to bed. This was because my mind was not focused and did not have a clear direction. I had asked vague questions and this led me to wait for some sort of sign to tell me what to do. In the meantime I got a snack and watched TV. Not a good move.

Instead of this, and waiting for something to happen with the more positive questions I found that I would actually start on something productive. And once I had started on that task, I would complete the bigger picture if was a part of a task. Then once I had finished that task, I would ask myself the same question again “What can I do right now to change this situation?” and the evening would snowball into one of production and achievement.

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