Cool Looking Yoga Poses

Cool Looking Yoga Poses

Earth Element Daily Lifestyle Practices

• Eat a nourishing, grounding, and protein-fuelled breakfast between 7-9am Take your time.

• Avoid watching TV, reading newspapers or magazines, looking at your phone or listening to commercial radio when eating food.

• Eat at similar times each day.

• Avoid ice cold drinks.

• Spend more time in the kitchen, cooking, preparing and preserving foods.

• Add ginger to your cooking to stimulate digestion.

• Avoid over thinking or over worrying. If you find yourself falling into that trap, do more physical activity go for a walk, go to a yoga class, etc. Don’t pay so much attention to your thinking mind. Trust the universe that it will all work out okay and go with it.

• Engage in activities that help to build a sense of community. Be generous. Share food.

• Do your biggest thinking tasks, finalizing big decisions and facing difficult clients between 911am Avoid making big decisions in the afternoon or nighttime.

• Do weights and resistance training (morning is best). Resistance/strength training will strengthen your muscles, improve digestion and help you think more clearly.

• Cultivate trust in the natural flow of life. Avoid doubt or over thinking everything let it unfold naturally, the universe is infinitely organized! Let it do its thing; no need to try and ‘work it out’ or force it to change.

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