Cow Pose In Yoga

Cow Pose In Yoga

Hands to Heart

This practice simply involves place one or both hands over the chest and heart area and allowing the warmth of the hands to soften and relax the chest area. It is a very nurturing and calming practice you can do on yourself or on another person whenever it feels right.

Whenever you are anxious about a particular event that you are about to face it helps to simply stop for a moment just before you step into the room or wherever the event is to take place. Stop, place your hands on your heart, close down the eyes for a moment and then when you’re ready, step forward into the room and into the unknown.

Hands into Prayer Position

Bringing the hands into prayer position balances out the nervous system and softens the heart. When you place your hands together the heart channels on both arms and hands connect up adding more support and energy to the heart and this is why there is a natural tendency to bring the palms together into prayer position when we wish to talk with or be humble in the presence of spirit.

You can add words of prayer, words of blessings or words of gratitude while hands are held in prayer position. It is also perfectly ok not to add any words to the practice. Bringing the hands together in prayer position and sensing the warmth in the palms can often be enough to sense a softening of the spirit.

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