Crescent Lunge Yoga Pose

Crescent Lunge Yoga Pose

Fire Element Daily Lifestyle Practices

• Stay up late dancing and having fun with friends

• Late to bed early to rise

• Set up inspirational meetings 11-1pm

• Seek out inspirational people and teachings

• Dream big. Write them down, share them with others and start putting them into action.

• Let go of being so serious, find more fun and joy.

• Avoid overthinking or over worrying because it can easily lead to anxiety and depression. To avoid falling into the pattern, get out more, attend a new yoga classes, meet up with friends, try something new.

• Connect with others, listen to their dreams and offer support if you can

• Don’t do heavy thinking or decision making at night – save that for the day, let your nights be fun and creative.

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• At from 7pm be sure to listen to your favorite music and get creative. Don’t watch the news or read newspapers because at this time the heart energy is more susceptible and fragile – you want to nourish and nurture it at this time.

• Be open to new people and opportunities. Allow yourself to be open.

• Avoid too much time watching TV, reading or on a computer at night (over stimulation of the eyes disturbs the heart)

Supporting the Other Elements to Assist the Fire Element

As outlined in the 5-elements chapter, if we want to balance out the Fire element, we also need to take into consideration the elements that feed the Fire element which are Wood (Shen cycle) and Water (Ko cycle). This is especially the case of any illness or any disease related to the heart or small intestine, which often manifests as irregular body temperature, depression and mental instability.

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