Crescent Moon Yoga Pose

Crescent Moon Yoga Pose


Crescent Moon is a deep lunge that ’s a great way to prepare your body for backbends. The Yoga Pose is energizing and grounding. It also increases flexibility in the spine and quadriceps and opens up the hip flexors.

QUALITY Grounding, energizing EFFECT Flexibility PROPS Blanket GAZE Forward and up

1 Follow the steps for Low Lunge Pose, but release the left knee to the ground. You can place a folded blanket down to protect your knee.

2 Reach your arms up as you do in High Lunge Pose, but reach back into a backbend.

3 Make sure to draw your tailbone down as the pubis lifts to protect your lower back. Draw your lower belly back to protect the sacral spine.

4 Take 3 breaths in the Yoga Pose, releasing deeper with each exhale.

5 Step forward with the left leg. Repeat on the other side by stepping back with the right leg.

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The point of this exercise is to help you remember that you cannot control the waiting, but you can certainly use waiting as a chance to control your reactions to the world around you and decrease your overall stress as a result. Practice enough, and you’ll discover a new definition of what it means to

People can quickly spiral into a panic when it comes to their beloved Wi-Fi. I remember when Wi-Fi was fairly new and a disruption in service was almost expected. Now, we are so used to fast speed that we have absolutely no patience when we can’t get the information we want, like, yesterday.

Faster speed? Slower patience.

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