Cueing Yoga Poses

Cueing Yoga Poses

At the time of writing my wife and I are in the process of leaving Doha in Qatar and returning to England after nearly 5 years working in the Middle East. We move in one week and I am currently on assignment in Abu Dhabi some 200 miles away. My wife has finished her job and during this week she is packing our clothes into removal cardboard boxes.

This process as you can imagine is very stressful for us, change is good but leaving behind the familiar is often hard. My wife is particularly stressed and I have received a very irate phone call today about the removal Company “refusing” to deliver more cardboard boxes. When my wife called, I just listened while she vented her anger and I let her run out of steam.

I simply said that leave it with me and I would deal with it. I rang the removal Company and they were fine about things and will deliver some boxes later today.

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In the past I would have told my wife to “calm down” and “not to get upset” etc. However I have learned over the past moves that she takes the leaving part much more intensely than me. I try and walk in her shoes, and change my approach accordingly. I have learned not to discuss, not to offer advice but just to wait until she is ready for a calm practical response.

You can think about this in your working life. If you have to give something to someone, a piece of work, then think about what they would like to receive? Are they happy to have an email copy? Would they prefer a paper copy to write all over? Or both? Or would they think an email and a paper copy too much? Try and imagine how they will respond to different scenarios and act accordingly to make it as acceptable to them as you can.

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