Daily Exercise Routine For Weight Loss

Daily Exercise Routine For Weight Loss


I have found that the following thought experiments are wonderful tools that have played a pivotal role in shaping how I perceive and interact with the world. The goal of each of these exercises is two-fold. First, they help to understand and explain people, behaviors and their decision making. Second, they help me to explain and become comfortable with my own needs.

Personal development and self-awareness often require a mental framework which you can use to understand and test certain assumptions. I find it’s also the best way to explore my relationship with cultural norms or issues I would otherwise avoid completely.

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To get the most out of these exercises, I suggest working through them multiple times. It’s also best if you get comfortable sitting or lying down in a place that is quiet without disturbances or distractions to ensure you have time to digest and reflect. Each exercise will take you no more than five to ten minutes.

The Dark Room and the Door The Exercise

The dark room and the door thought experiment is designed to help you understand your personal balance between the known vs. the unknown and your tolerance for comfort vs. discomfort. Different areas of our lives by necessity require different behaviors, but this is a great way to explore and discuss what you want from life and where you are most fulfilled. It’s also a tool for deciding if you’re happy with where you are or if you should make some changes.

To start, picture that you come into existence alone, into an utterly unchanging environment. You are tabula rasa, a blank slate, in an environment that is completely static and without variation. There is only the temperature as it is no hot, no cold, no fluctuations. There is no stimulation and no contrast. Only existence. You just are. In this state, you’re neither happy nor unhappy. You exist.

Now, consider two alternate series of events. In one, nothing changes. In the other, a doorway suddenly appears and offers the prospect of exiting the space and entering the outside world. Depending on your level of curiosity, you may choose to open the doorway and pass into a world of contrasts and diverse experiences. For this exercise, explore your emotional response as you visualize moving further from the doorway and deeper into a wider array of experiences and uncertainty.

In that world the static state of being without context is replaced by things like love, vibrant flavors,discovery, knowledge, pleasure, and sensations of hot and cold. Each of these is profoundly attractive, right? But, there’s a catch. With them also comes the other side of each war, ugly colors, loss, heartache, and pain.

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