Dancers Pose Yoga

Dancers Pose Yoga

Had you been fully conscious and driving with due care and attention then you would have known of the danger coming and taken great action steps in good time. It would not have been a problem.

The same can be applied to your working life. You DO have a CHOICE in your working life. For example:

I love this picture, such innocence and a natural smile. No teeth either!!! This can teach us a few lessons in our working life too. Here are my magnificent 7 tips that come to mind from this picture:

1. When you smile it is infectious. I bet you are smiling at this picture right now. Why not try one of your smiles at work? It will make others smile and cheer them up too I am sure. You will be seen as an up-lifter of spirits.

2. Victor Borge said that a smile is the shortest distance between two people.

If you want to connect with more people then smile at them.

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3. It doesn’t matter what you look like (the child has no teeth!!!) you can always smile whatever you may look like. Smile and make someone’s working day!

4. We don’t know why the child is smiling. Do you really need a reason? Just smile because you can!!! At a stranger or a work colleague.

5. I have posted this picture all over Facebook and now on my website. I am sure that this smile alone has generated hundreds of happy faces. Why not take it as a challenge to see how many smiles you can get in your workplace?

6. The slogan on the child’s shirt reads “Happy Heart”, what a lovely thing to say. And to do too. Why not spread your happy heart to others. Do a kind deed; it need not be a huge gesture. Get a latte from the local coffee shop for a colleague just because you can.

7. The opposite side of “Happy Heart” I would imagine is “Heavy Heart”.

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