Dandasana Yoga Pose

Dandasana Yoga Pose

Wood Element Stimulation and Harmonization

– Wood element likes to move so keep the body moving to avoid stagnation. Going for a walk can often be enough.

– Reduce or avoid alcohol, coffee, BBQ’d foods and smoking.

– De-clutter your environment, remove the non-essentials – spring clean

– Launch into new projects

– Get to bed before 11pm and wake early

– Lemon water on rising Water Element Nourishment

– Keep cool. Cold showers and laying down to rest in the hottest part of the day can help to keep you cool

Meditation, stillness and quiet time

– Good quality sleep

– Look after your kidneys with good quality water and keep hydrated

– Eat plenty of root vegetables

Food / Oriental Diet Therapy ~ Summer

Herbs and Seasonings (only if lacking fire): black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel Avoid / Reduce

– Roasted, fried and deep fried foods

– Chillies

– Coffee and Chocolate

– Alcohol

– Vinegar

– Excess salt

– Cheese

– Ice-cream & ice water

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Herbs to Support the Heart and Small Intestine

Here is a list of herbs that support the main organs involved in keeping the Heart and Small Intestine healthy.

Please seek guidance from a health professional (naturopath, herbalist, Chinese herbalist, Chinese medicine practitioner) for more information about correct dosages or for treating specific conditions.

Ginseng – Tones Qi and blood and supports the overall health and vitality of all organs

Ginko Biloba – Nourishes blood and increases blood flow to heart and brain

5-HTP – An amino acid (protein) that is very affective as an anti-depressant and helps people sleep

Acetyl L Carnetine – Invigorates mental function and works great as a natural energy motivator

Magnesium Citrate – Relaxes muscles throughout the body including the heart muscle. Helps to relax, sleep and recover.

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