Dangerous Yoga Poses

Dangerous Yoga Poses

As to you, you need to keep digging as to the facts within their opinion. Ask right back “why do you think my opinion is “crap”?” This will encourage the person to give an explanation, which will hopefully give you some insight.

Maybe the response will be enlightening such as “we are not discussing that film any more we are now discussing a book” and you will know that you were daydreaming and missed the shift in conversation.

It is important that when others give their opinion it is only advice. It is only their opinion. And don’t take it personally as you don’t own it.

Think of ways that you can use other people’s opinions positively in your workplace. Books are a good example in many ways of opinion. If you read a history book for example people know that the Second World War ended in 1945. However why it ended would probably be more subject to opinion. You can read three books on the subject and get three different opinions. Read more books on the subject you want to learn about and you can expand your mind by these different opinions.

When have you benefitted from others opinions and used these positively? Please share in the comments section below.

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