Dead Pose Yoga

Dead Pose Yoga


1. Bring both hands into a loose fist and start to pummel the top of the buttocks. Allow your arms to be as relaxed as you can, keep the elbows soft as you pummel.

2. After a minute or two start to slowly move your pummeling down the outside of your legs. Down the thighs, avoid the knees and pummel down the outside of the calves.

3. When you reach the feet bring the hands to the inside of the ankles, a little softer now as you begin to pummel up the insides of the legs. The inside of the legs is generally more sensitive then the outside of the legs so take it easier when working with the inside of the legs.

4. Pummel slowly all the way up to the inner thighs and then move the hands back around to the top of the buttocks to do another round.

5. Complete 2-3 rounds and then stand, release your hands, close your eyes and just take a moment for your body to settle. Can you feel it buzzing?

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