Dhanurasana Pose Yoga

When one person falls, it doesn’t create a chain reaction of other people falling as well.Dhanurasana Pose Yoga So independence is equally important as being together, acting as inspiration to one another.Dhanurasana Pose Yoga Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche All of life is relationship, and it is how we relate to people, to things, to ideas, and to our past actions that defines who we are. John McAfee Discovering the delicate balance between creating meaningful and sustaining relationships while maintaining your independence can be one of life’s greatest challenges. It is somewhat like striving toward the balance of achieving inner peace as well as outer peace.

In fact, it may be that very same challenge, or at least a representation of the same principles at work, which at times may seem impossible. Learning to experience the world with equanimity in all respects is part of the goal of yoga. Understanding the self better should, in turn, help us to better understand the other, just as traveling abroad helps us to better understand our own communities, and also teaches us to appreciate all that we are, no matter where we go.

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