Different Yoga Poses

Different Yoga Poses

Nadi Sodhana (one nostril breathing)

Main Benefit: Nadi Sodhana is a calming breath. It helps to regulate and balance the nervous system leaving the mind very clear and calm

1. You can practice sitting up or lying down.

2. To start breathe out all the air from your lungs.

3. Using the thumb on your dominant hand, block your right nostril and breath in through the left nostril. Inhale the air into your belly and not just into your upper chest.

4. When you are 80% full of breath, seal off your left nostril with the ring finger of the same hand while keeping your right nostril closed and hold the breath for just one moment.

5. Then release the thumb on the right nostril and let the air exhale through the right nostril.

6. Once all the air is out start to inhale through that right nostril.

7. When you are 80% full, seal off your right nostril with your thumb again. Hold the breathe for one moment.

8. Then release the left nostril and let the air come out.

9. When the air is out, start to inhale through that left nostril.

10. Simply repeat this process, breathing in through one nostril, close, hold, release the air through the other nostril, then inhale through that nostril, close, hold and repeat for around 10 cycles.

11. When completed, relax your arm and body. Notice how you feel.

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