Do you have an animal protector?

The idea of an animal protector, like Jen’s dragon, hails from shamanistic tradition, and anyone can have one…

Animal protectors, commonly known as power animals, are a type of spiritual guide, which provide energy and watch over you. ‘Throughout your lifetime you may feel an afinity with several power animals, depending on your situation and the life lessons you need to learn,’ says shaman and author Alison Davies. ‘Your power animal, also known as a totem, is there to give you guidance and support, particularly during challenging periods.

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As well as protection, it helps increase personal power and wellbeing. Shamans, in particular, work closely with the idea that animal spirits look out for us.’ Common power animals include the Wolf, associated with intuition and intelligence, the Bear, a symbol of reflection and strength, the Lion, associated with courage and success, and other more mystical creatures. like the Dragon, associated with wisdom and protection, and the Unicorn, a symbol of love, purity and kindness.

‘It’s likely you’ll already be aware of your power animal, as you’ll feel drawn to creatures of the same species. You may have pictures or books on this creature, or find it crops up in your life frequently. ‘Making a connection with your power animal is simple,’ explains Alison. To discover your power animal, or develop the connection, spend time in quiet meditation. Focus on your breathing and picture a landscape of your choice. Pick somewhere you feel comfortable. Ask your power animal to show themselves, or give you a sign of their presence, then let any thoughts and images flow freely. You can also summon your power animal by asking it to visit your dreams. Picture it in your mind whenever you need help or protection.

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