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So the technologies embedded in the yoga discourse – like meditation’ – generate experiences and outcomes for the individual (like Altered States of Consciousness and improved health), which the discourse claim has use-value: the meditative trance is for instance signified as living liberation’. However, on closer inspection we realise that this use-value – the sign living liberation’ – is actual a powerful symbol. A living liberated’ is something special and different. So at the same time as it creates use-value, the discourse transmits symbolic meaning to society, making people project onto this social identity (like our admiration of the yogis’ liberating achievements as we start to signify him as a mystic sage’).

The difference in the two postures is that parivrtta parsvakonasana is a revolving pose parivrtta means revolved or turned around .Dolphin Pose Yoga This posture is a more intensified variation on the extended lateral pose, and thus has a greater effect. The hamstrings are not stretched as fully as in the revolved triangle pose; for example, the abdominal organs are more contracted and digestion is more greatly aided. This posture increases circulation around those organs, as well as the spinal column, returning vitality to the area. KARMA YOGA Each relationship is energy. The concept of sangha,for instance, means a group of people working together as brothers and sisters, working Dolphin Pose Yoga together as spiritual friends to one another. . .

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