Dru Yoga Poses

Dru Yoga Poses

Lift your Company to new heights; make people proud to work there and to be there.

And for the slogan itself, this is a bit of a Mickey take really. The British are famous in any crisis for having a cup of tea. I loathe tea myself but am ingrained with this spirit. In times of adversity we do not let things get us down, in fact far from it; we tend to become stronger and more together when things are against us.

The Second World War and the spirit shown, often called the Bulldog Spirit ensured that we stuck together and showed a United front to the world. Tea seemed to be the lubricant. Think of Winston Churchill and his speeches, particularly the one where he said that Britain would Never Surrender. Inspiration and a half.

You too can promote this spirit of togetherness in your working lives too. Maybe the choice of drink is different, but you can use this as a bonding agent for your fellow workers. Get some coffees in; make sure that everyone gets one.

Show that Bulldog Spirit and Never Surrender in times of adversity. Things may look bad, but if you take control of the situation and start taking massive positive action to solve the problem then you too will be in the British spirit.

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