Eagle Pose Yoga

Eagle Pose Yoga

Dietary guidelines include no coffee, chocolate or tea.

• Niacin (Vitamin B3) has produced initial benefit, but loses effectiveness over time. Too much niacin can be harmful. Before supplementing, check with your doctor.

• Doctors may prescribe medications that dilate the peripheral vessels. These can be taken for a few weeks at a time, and are generally safe. Thousands of people take them for years with no side effects for high blood pressure.

• Remember that exercise dilates the vessels and usually helps those with Raynaud’s. Runners should protect the toes and forefoot with larger shoes, padded soft socks and lubrication of the foot during workouts.

• For mild cases, try this treatment (Get clearance from your doctor before using this treatment if your condition is serious). Fill a pan with water, about 105 to 110 °F. Be careful that it is not too hot (this is about hot tub temperature). Have a pan, alongside, with ice water. Place the foot in the warm pan for 2 minutes, then the cold for 1 minute. Repeat this 10 times. Be sure to re-warm the warm pan occasionally with a teapot. You are training the vessels in the muscles to open and close by repeating this process. This may need to be repeated 2 or 3 consecutive days. It can be used a couple of times a season if necessary.

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• If unusual damage occurs to the toes or forefoot area, consider this diagnosis.

• If you are female in your 20’s to 30’s and it has never happened before, it could be early stage see a doctor.

• If you have a tendency to get cold hands and feet and if 1 or 2 fingers turn white when others look pink (normal), it is a characteristic.

• It is possible to have pain and blood vessel spasm from Raynaud’s without signs of skin damage.

• Smoking is the strongest trigger.

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