Ear Pressure Pose Yoga

This is a Western phenomenon, and it’s a serious challenge to get out of this ingrained behavior.Ear Pressure Pose Yoga When we truly experience something, an inner core connection is made. This is a more holistic feeling because it involves all parts of ourselves rather than just the mind, as when we approach things intellectually.Ear Pressure Pose Yoga Maria is a word in Sanskrit that has struck me because it means, literally, mind-heart. In the West, we tend to think of these two as opposing, even conflicting at times, but they are in essence intrinsically connected, non-dualistic by nature. If we view the inner components of ourselves as dualistic, how can we not be expected to experience everything outside of ourselves in the same way? Over dinner in one of the canteens, my friend and I decided to spend the night and head home early in the morning after reciting the GuruGita. We had a long drive back to the city and I had class in the morning, but the energy here was charged and I felt compelled to stay overnight. The GuruGita is the Siddha Yoga chanting bible.

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